December: Theme - The Shock

Winning Entry:

There was no lipstick on his collar, or faint aroma of perfume to warn me.  It was all such a shock. He's run off with the next-door neighbour. His name's Sid. 

By  Val Fish


December's competition was our first not to award a prize and was won by Txtlit regular, Val Fish.  Val Fish  

Firstly we would like to thank you all for continuing to support despite the fact that we are no longer able to offer prizes for our competitions due to changes in how premium rate SMS shortcodes are legislated. We did receive a fair number of entries however and we hope you all continue to submit your entries in the future.

December's competition theme was "The Shock" which resulted in some very amusing entries. Quite a few of you tried to devise stories that incorporated a character with a shock of red or blonde hair. Whilst it is of course perfectly acceptable to use the theme in any way you wish provided it is relevant, we found that these stories relied too much on this interpretation of the word shock and not enough on developing a compelling story.  We awarded the win to Val Fish in the end who also features as a runner-up with another entry. Val's story is a simple one of deceit. Our protagonist is describing how her husband has eloped with the next door neighbour. We learn that there has been nothing to suggest that anything has been going on. No tell-tale signs of lipstick or perfume. We discover why at the end. The husband has run off with another man. An event many unsuspecting wives would find shocking. 

Other shortlisted entries:

'But I can't be, that's impossible', she cried. 'How could it have happened?' 'There's no doubt Mary, your little miracle's due around the end of December.'

Also by Val Fish   

Emma raced to her living room. The presents would be sitting under the tree! Excitement radiated from her. She opened the door, and there lay… A reindeer?..

By  Graeme Docherty     




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Changes in regulations to both Data Protection and how premium rate SMS numbers are charged came in quick succession and have made it difficult for us to continue with Txtlit.

We would like to think that we will be able to resurrect Txtlit at some stage but running the competitions calls for the commitment of a lot of time and without being able to charge for entries means that we would be doing so at a loss.

We’re passionate about the concept of Txtlit but it’s difficult to justify operating it at present.

We hope to find a workable solution at some stage and bring Txtlit back.