Tips and Guidance

Here you'll find some general guidance and advice for submitting your stories to our competitions. Please also see our FAQ page for further information.

Writing your Txtlit Story:

Competition entries will be judged on a number of key elements:

  • Entertainment value - Whether your story is funny or sad, a mystery or a fantasy, first and foremost it must entertain the reader just like any other written work. That is, after all, why people read
  • Construction - The piece should at least appear to be thought-out and planned, so that it is understandable, readable and ultimately tells a story
  • Grammatical correctness - Don't use the constraints of a text message as an excuse to cut corners with your writing. You should still strive to write using good and proper English

Bearing these criteria in mind when writing your story will improve your chances of winning, and will hopefully help you to write a better piece. That said, inspiration can come at any time, and one of the great features of the Txtlit competitions is that you can enter a story whenever you have your mobile phone with you. You can't win if you don't enter, so a story written on the bus to work, or whilst you're out socialising or shopping is better than no story at all.

Many modern mobile phones will halp you to keep on eye on the character count of your stories. If you use a computer or word processor to write your piece initially, the software you use will probably have a word-count or character-count facility. These will help you to help you keep your entry within the constraints of the Txtit competition rules.

Sending Your Entry:

Entries can only be submitted from a UK mobile phone. Your competition entry must begin with the word STORY followed by a space. The number to send your entry to is 07537 432 432. You will receive a confirmation message on your phone to say that your entry has been received.

Entries will cost one standard text message as charged by your mobile network operator. If you use a Pay As You Go service, you must ensure that you have enough credit on your account to cover the cost of a single text message

This service is provided by O-Corp. We rarely get enquiries because all the information you require can be found on the website. If however you do need to contact us, we only accept enquiries by e-mail or through the feedback form on our contact page.

The competition theme will change each month and this will be announced on the website, so make sure your entry is relevant when you send it.

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We're not running competitions at the moment

Changes in regulations to both Data Protection and how premium rate SMS numbers are charged came in quick succession and have made it difficult for us to continue with Txtlit.

We would like to think that we will be able to resurrect Txtlit at some stage but running the competitions calls for the commitment of a lot of time and without being able to charge for entries means that we would be doing so at a loss.

We’re passionate about the concept of Txtlit but it’s difficult to justify operating it at present.

We hope to find a workable solution at some stage and bring Txtlit back.