Latest Txtlit Competition

Latest Txtlit Competition

Competitions run every calendar month and each month we give you a new theme. You'll find the latest competition theme below.

For May, we want you to enter stories to our competition with the theme of "Reluctance". 

You know the feeling... you really don't want to get out of bed, but eventually you do, reluctantly. Or you go along to that party or family gathering, even though you really, really don't want to. There are many occasions where we we do something with much reluctance. Or perhaps we are so reluctant to do something it never actually gets done.   

We think this theme offers lots of scope but you'll really need to think deep to create a captivating and engaging story. What will your character or characters be reluctant to do and why? What will be the consequences of their reluctance?

Come on now, let's not be reluctant to start writing.

To enter the competition write a story with a clear link to the theme of "Reluctance" in 160 characters or less including spaces and punctuation. Send your story as a text message from a UK mobile phone to our new number 07537 432 432. You have until midnight on the 30th April 2018 to enter.
You will receive a message confirming your entry. You will be charged for one standard text message by your network operator.  If you have a Pay As You Go mobile phone account, you must make sure you have enough credit to cover the cost of a single text message otherwise your entry will not be processed.

Happy writing and Good luck.



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