October: Theme - The Threat

Winning Entry:

Anne looked on as Kate was led away in handcuffs. Whispers of "thief" echoed around the office. Anne turned away, smirking. The promotion was now hers!

By  Alison Nuorto


The October Txtlit writing competition theme  was "The Threat" and our winner is Alison Nuorto from  alison nuorto   Bournemouth. This is the first time that English Teacher Alison has won a writing competition although she has featured as a runner up on Txtlit.co.uk twice before. Alison enjoys reading crime thrillers, horror novels and the classics. She is also currently working on a horror novel for young adults and several short stories. Following this win she tells us she'll definitely be entering more writing competitions. 

It's probably quite natural to associate the word "Threat" with something sinister and menacing. To be honest, that thought process was what we expected the majority of entries to follow when we set "The Threat" as the theme for October. How wrong we were. We received some really well thought through ideas and concepts of what can and does constitute a threat; as our winner and runners up clearly demonstrate. From the threat that global warming poises to the planet's wildlife to how the threat of rain can ruin washing day. Alison Nuorto's entry won it for us though with a cleverly constructed story that gives us another angle for what might be considered a threat. In the opening, we don't know it yet but it's important that we are introduced to two characters. Knowing what the theme is and having one of the characters led away in handcuffs might have us think that the threat has already been dealt with. As we move on we surmise that Kate has been caught as a thief; but Anne's smirk tells us there is something more. It's true. The threat has already been dealt with. The office promotion will now go to Anne as it seems she has disposed of the threat of Kate, her rival for the job, by framing her for theft. A great story from a simple concept.

Other shortlisted entries:

He leaned in close. A sour odour filled my nostrils. 'It's make your mind up time' he hissed while trying to clean his shoe. 'If the dog stays I go.'

By  Ros Goodway   

The youngster sat alone, picked on by his peer. Name calling was bad enough but when his bully started to threaten him, he snapped. Trump would pay.

By Chris Tattersall    

Darkness descended, pressure gripped; act now before it's too late.  She flung open the door, no time to lose.  Rain threatened; must get the washing in.

By  Tania Kremer-Yeatman  



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