Competition Results

Results are published below for the most recent competitions. Results are usually published about half way through the month following the month of competition, so January's results will be published around mid-February.

Visit the website regularly to get the latest competition news and themes.

All competitions cost £1 per entry plus the cost of a standard text message from your mobile phone service provider.

Winning Entry: I'm sorry Ma. The bevvy was flowin' too easily and I was out…
Winning Entry: I sit in the circle. A tune is punctuated by hope then dismay.…
Winning Entry: She was my last hope. Stage 4 leukemia and eight mismatches later, I…
Winning Entry: Every bone in his body told him this was the killer. But the…
Winning Entry: It's murder out here. Literally. Young 'uns kicked down to die in the…
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