December: Theme - The Shock

Winning Entry:

There was no lipstick on his collar, or faint aroma of perfume to warn me.  It was all such a shock. He's run off with the next-door neighbour. His name's Sid. 

By  Val Fish


December's competition was our first not to award a prize and was won by Txtlit regular, Val Fish.  Val Fish  A primary School Teacher, Sim lives with his wife and cats in Essex. Sim has had some success with his writing but the dream is still to have a book published one day. He goes on to say how very glad to have discovered Txtlit because the competitions keep the grey cells ticking over and really make you think about every word that you write.

Some excellent and vary varied entries this month in response to the theme of Alone. Perhaps predictably we had quite a high proportion of entries that wrote about being left alone following the death of a loved one but we also had many that looked at alternative scenarios to apply the theme. One such being this entry from Sim Smailes. Sim uses that old Txtlit Technique of using something already known to us to partially tell the story. When you have such a limit on characters it's a useful device. Sim, takes the nursery rhyme of Ten Green Bottles and brilliantly personifies the last remaining bottle. It's even given a touch of class by being described as a vintage. Although we know what the situation is, Sim adds a comic effect to the sense of impending doom with the simple words "and I'm worried". The song tells us that the bottles fall accidentally but our bottle suggests something more sinister is afoot and the inevitable happens; conveyed with an unfinished sentence. A really quite delightful story that leaves you grinning. 

Other shortlisted entries:

'But I can't be, that's impossible', she cried. 'How could it have happened?' 'There's no doubt Mary, your little miracle's due around the end of December.'

Also b Val Fish   

Emma raced to her living room. The presents would be sitting under the tree! Excitement radiated from her. She opened the door, and there lay… A reindeer?..





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