Latest Txtlit Competition

Latest Txtlit Competition

Competitions run every calendar month and each month we give you a new theme. You'll find the latest competition theme below.

For the November Txtlit writing competition we're giving you the theme "Alone".

There are positives and negatives about being alone. Having some time to ourselves can often be a luxury. A few stolen moments without the pressures and stresses of day to day life. Achieving something alone can be remarkable. A single handed sailing around the world perhaps, climbing a mountain or fighting a foe of many.

On the other hand, being alone, by definition can be lonely and sad. Abandoned on a desert island, left single by the death of a loved one or having a momentous task to achieve that would be so much better if there was someone to help.

Your interpretation of alone can be about anyone or anything so long as we can see a clear link. Be sure to think about what the effects of being alone are as well as the situation itself.

To enter the competition write a story with a clear link to the theme of "Alone" in 154 characters or less including spaces and punctuation. Precede your story with the word STORY and a space and send it as a text message from a UK mobile phone to 82085. You have until midnight on the 30th November 2017 to enter.
You must enter the word STORY and a space at the beginning of your text message which will give you 160 characters in total.
You will receive a message confirming your entry and the competition entry fee of £1 will be charged to your mobile phone bill. You will also be charged for one standard text message by your network operator.  If you have a Pay As You Go mobile phone account, you must make sure you have enough credit to cover the entry fee plus the cost of a single text message otherwise your entry will not be processed.

Happy writing and Good luck.



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