Txtlit.uk is Changing

UK SMS regulatory authorities have restricted how Txtlit is allowed to operate.
We will no longer be able to run competitions in the current format whereby prizes are funded by entry fees paid for by premium SMS.
We will continue to run competitions but there will be no entry fee and consequently no prize. Check back here for further updates soon.




For December, the competition theme is "The Shock".

December 31st is your deadline but wait for us to announce the new shortcode number before you enter.

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General guidance and advice for submitting your stories to our competitions

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Pease read the rules by which we run Txtlit competitions. Entering a competition indicates your acceptance of the rules

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Txtlit is a unique literary genre of creative writing using the confines of the mobile phone texting system, SMS (Short Message System).

A single mobile phone text message contains just 160 characters, including spaces and punctuation. That’s not a lot of room to write, but as you’ll see on this website it can make for some awesome results.

At txtlit.co.uk we provide a writing competition platform that tests your writing skills whilst giving you a chance to gain financially. We believe Txtlit.co.uk writing competitions to be the easiest to enter writing competitions in the UK. But being easy to enter doesn't make our competitions easy to win.

It takes skill to write a Txtlit story, especially one that is well constructed, grammatically correct and entertaining. If you’re a writer you’ll know that every single word must count to move a story forward. This is never truer than when writing a Txtlit Story. Every word must work especially hard and bear relevance to the overall piece. There is no room for waffle or words that don’t have a place.

What makes a Txtlit story so challenging to write is what makes it so appealing to read. A raft of complex thoughts and ideas crammed into just a few lines of text. Subtle messages, clever twists and delicious manipulation of the English language to make you smile, weep or both.

In a world in which we have become increasingly time-poor and demands are made upon every second of our existence, how better to be entertained by the written word than in the few seconds it takes to read a Txtlit story.

Incidentally, we love the English language and believe that it is so rich and dynamic that micro stories need never be written in “text-speak” the abbreviated language associated with mobile phones. Therefore, stories which contain phrases such as “wud b gr8 2CU B4 satrdy” (Would be great to see you before Saturday) will stand little chance of winning, unless its use is intrinsic to the story.


Entering a Txtlit Competition is Easy

Check Out What the Month's Competition Theme is Before You Enter

To enter a competition simply text the word STORY followed by a space and then your story in no more than 154 further characters (giving 160 characters in total) including spaces and punctuation to our new shortcode number to be announced in just a few days. You'll receive a text message in reply confirming your entry has been received and your £1.50 entry fee will be added to your mobile phone bill or deducted from your Pay as You Go balance. You'll also be charged for one standard network text message.


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Operated by O-Corp
39 Heathville Road

e-mail: admin@txtlit.co.uk



Txtlit.co.uk runs monthly writing competitions for users of UK mobile phones only. To enter a competition text the word STORY followed by a space and your entry to 82085. The competition theme changes each month so check what the latest competition theme is before you enter.

Entry will be charged to your telephone bill or deducted from your Pay as You Go Account and costs £1 plus a standard network text message.



Txtlit.co.uk is registered with and conforms to the code of practice set out by Phone Pay Plus; the organisation that regulates phone-paid services in the UK.

Find out more at http://www.phonepayplus.org.uk/